October 02, 2007

Wonder of the world

After years of the NHS being hosed down with money you would expect that it wouldn't be too bad any more wouldn't you? Funding has reached the European average, so where it just funding that was the problem then it should be producing results of about the European average as well. A new report has come in comparing the health systems of 29 European countries. Guess which one comes a little above the NHS? ... Estonia.

When comparing outcomes the NHS is 17th out of 29 countries, lagging behind all its northern European neighbours. When value or money is taken into account things get even worse with the UK coming out 26th out of 29 - above only Bulgaria, Poland and Latvia. The NHS is structurally unique, and uniquely bad. Like every other experiment in centralised state control it has failed. Money is not the issue, more money has not and will not provide the kinds of outcomes as good as those could the acheived with any other European health care system. Time to change the system.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's interesting idea to call NHS one of the wonders of the world...

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